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This Tablewear set includes 136 pcs. It comes with 16pcs and will serve for 6 Kids.


The Kit includes the following:

10 pcs 7 inch plate10 pcs cup20 pcs napkin6 pcs popcorn boxes10 pcs straw6 pcs whistle1 pc banner10 pcs gift bag6 pcs cap10 pcs invite card1 pc tablecloth (42.5 x 70.9 inches)6 pcs trumpet10 pcs mask 10 pcs knife10 pcs fork10 pcs spoon


Shipping is Once a Month. All Orders Must be placed by the 18th of the Month. You will receive the package on or before the 10th of the following month. All payment must be made in full. No partial payment is allowed. All orders must be placed directly through the website. Payment options and shipping Choices are embedded into the website. We do not take social media orders.

Super Mario Brother Tablewear & Party Set 136pcs

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