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This is an e-gift card. Upon purchase the buyer will be given a code via e-mail for the dollar amount of this card. Once it is time for you to redeem this card, simply enter the code in the box that says "enter a promo code" on the "check out" page.


For our protection, this card can only be used once. It is best to use all your balance in a single transaction, but we understand that some products you may want maybe out of stock at the moment and as a result the system will automatically generate a new code with the remaining balance for you to use at a later date.


The system can only issue a new code for any card balance of $10 and above. This is important to remember at checkout. Any balance left on the card after checkout that is less than $10 will be forfeited.


Make sure the email address you use is working and secure. If you are purchasing this as a gift you must include The person's name, telephone number and vaild email adress of the person you are gifting. We will call them on your behalf and let them know and verify their email address. It should be entered in the box that says "add a note". Likewise if you have any special request leave a note.


If you want to make a purchase, but still doesn't understand, you are free to call us. We are available to answer questions and any concerns you may have. You can reach via multiple platforms (facebook, whatsapp, telephone call).


Makeup Land is not responsbile for any lost or stolen giftcard. It is your responsibility to protect your gift card and code.

Makeup Land Gift Card $15

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