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One Way To Boost Self Confidence

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Remember the Will Smith movie Focus that was released 6 years ago. The movie that he co-stared with Margot Robbie? I could not forget the way Will trashed Margot on the interview premier, when she showed up to the audition looking disheveled, unkempt hair and no makeup. He even went further to state "I was really wondering if she wanted this job or not." His remark has just validated everything I ever felt about one's appearance; I think it matters, don't you?

As a young girl growing up, my mother always supervised us girls (my sisters and I) before leaving the house. With a pack of six daughters, our clothes were supposed to be cleaned, matching, ironed etc. Looking polished wasn't an option in our household, it was a requirement.

In this blog a discussion on self-esteem and confidence will be conducted, it will include one suggestion that anyone can use to start building self courage.

Can you recall your teenage/adolescence developmental era? I sure can, and boy I was into myself. There was one thing that boosted my confidence and lifted my spirit. That "thing" was makeup. There is some positivity in the power of makeup. Don't you think so too?

According to Science Times, researchers from the University of Chieti, Italy and Harvard Medical School, conducted a research that "suggested that wearing makeup makes women feel smarter and even helps them to enhance their confidence." This occurred through the "lipstick effect" which is a describes as a "psychological phenomenon that boosts the confidence of a woman when she wears makeup and feels physically more attractive." As an average makeup wearer, I agree! There is something about wearing makeup that makes one look more appealing, well groomed and put together.

In another article by Ruby Buddemeyer, she stated that makeup can be therapeutic for some women struggling with mental health issues. In the article, Temimah Zucker, an eating disorder therapist and body image expert shared her recommendations and thoughts. The expert stated that she "encourages the clients to find meaning in makeup" which can help clients develop positivity and enhance mood.

It may appear to some that I am "knocking" natural beauty; that is not my intent. While I do rock my natural beauty 85% of the time, I would like to reserve that 15% for whenever I feel like, don't you agree? Fun Fact: In all my years of existence, I have never gotten a true genuine expression of attraction, wearing my natural beauty. By this, I mean no one has never "made a pass at me" or expressed how "cute" I look today, but rather are concerned if I am feeling "ill".

Some believe that applying makeup is superficial and shallow and deem it unnecessary and a waste of time and money. I disagree, but everyone is respectfully entitled to their own opinion. In 2016, the famous artist, Alicia Keys announced that she was ceasing the use of makeup and even started a "#nomakeup" campaign. Keys, 41, was even on the Cover of Glamour Magazine UK 2020/2021 issue, where she stated in her interview that she was "addicted to makeup," and decided to break ties with it. To admit to addiction is powerful and admirable, and is the first step toward taking control. Is it that serious though? Something that can easily be wiped away. While some women, shares Alicia's sentiment, others don't really feel the say way. In an article post in Psychology Today, author Tara Well Ph.D., stated that the "no makeup look" trend was started by women who were confident in their own skin and suggested that it is not for all women. The further article states that while some women are fascinated by this trend, they are still not ready to adapt to it.

With that said, I must admit that I am in love with makeup. No, I'm obsessed with it, not addicted, but obsessed! I like to collect it, play with it and wear it, make it and sell it. Yes, you read that right. I do manufacture my own cosmetics products. Sabrina Sutherland Cosmetics was launched in June of 2020. I believe that makeup is so transformational in many ways (physically, mental and emotional). I wanted to be apart of something that brings joy and empowerment to so many people. So, I launched my own Cosmetic Brand in the USA and Belize. I wanted to share this amazing experience with the beautiful women of my country and the world.

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The world is a stressful place to live in; and we live and then we die. With that, I would say do whatever makes you happy. This life is YOUR journey. Why waste time entertaining others judgements? I think life is too short for that. Don't you think so? Everyone has the right to put whatever they want on THEIR skin.

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With Wonder,

Sabrina S.


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