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Updated: Jan 18, 2022

And just like that, we are half a month into the New Year! With that said, what is your mantra for the New Year 2022? I am not sure about you, but this year I feel like "taking up space" as Zozibini Tunzi, winner of Miss Universe 2019 suggested. It is a new year for us to do great things.

Now is the perfect time to unleash our inner "Girl Boss". With the right planning, dedication and hard work, success is possible.

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? Well now is the right time to start. There is no easy way to do this, but I think there are some helpful steps that I would like to share from a small business woman's perspective. Below I will be sharing 5 helpful tips that you can start implementing in your daily life to jumpstart that new small business or side hustle.

  • The first step is developing a strong mind set for your dreams. This means developing that strong mental state that drives your inner zeal to motivate you enough to where you physically do everything necessary to start the process. By having a strong mind-set, your visions are clear, your goals are realistic and your resilience radar to all things negative is at maximum tolerance.

  • The third step is to incorporate research into the plan. But before I go any further, I have a question to ask. What is it about research that makes people give up or avoid the topic all together? I think it is because research involves a lot of reading and work that some people do not care for. Unfortunately, becoming a entrepreneur requires research. For example, one must be familiar with the type of market they are entering into, the sourcing of goods, the volume of service that may be needed, startup cost, funding sources, launching, marketing and hiring help etc.

  • The fourth step is Planning, but not just planning, it must be done effectively. According to Chron, "effective planning in business is essential to success. When a company has a plan in process and a plan to follow, leaders are better equipped to prepare for the future" (2020). One thing that shares a synergistic relationship with effective planning is organization. The way we keep or maintain our work environments can impact our stress levels. Getting organized and decluttering your surroundings, can create a peaceful and calming environment, which can boost focus and productivity.

One way in which you can maintain your surroundings is by getting in the habit of scheduling your time and tasks. A compact planner is a nice way to compile all your daily "to-dos" in a confined location and eliminates the need for multiple sticky notes.

Below is a sample copy of the compact planners available for sale at Makeup Land. Our planners are fun, feminine and available in a variety of styles to choose from. Planners start at BZD $25.00 each. We also carry a variety of planner stickers to make planning enjoyable, colorful pens, markers, washi tapes etc to bring out your creativity.

  • Lastly, it is important to keep up with current trends. This can be achieved through attending different workshops, webinars and conferences. In addition, enrolling in different course sessions or master classes can ad value to your portfolio. Remember, it is important to invest in yourself. Obtaining higher education is the ultimate self investment. With increased knowledge, there is room for growth and innovation.

I think there is no such a thing as the perfect time to launch a new business endeavor? Timing plays such a vital part in our daily lives. It is the one thing we cannot change nor stop; even as we sleep, it just keeps on going. The truth is, we cannot control time, but we can control how we use time. It is the beginning of a new year; it is time to make it count.

With Wonder,

Makeup Land


Why is planning important? (2020). Retrieved from Retrieved on January 16th 2022.

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